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Tip & trics για διάφορα cms

Cpanel 24

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VPS & Dedicaded 16

Σχτικά με VPS & Dedicaded server


 DNS Installation and Setup using BIND9

This HOWTO will assist you in getting a Domain Name Server (DNS) up and running using BIND9 on...

 Setup VNC server on VPS

We will discuss  setting up your VPS as a VNC server and using a client from your Windows...

 How directly run webstat through IE ( i.e domainname.com/webstat)

Kindly follow the steps so that you can directly access webstat through browser.   cd...

  Phpmyadmin failed (Cpanel) Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: SQLite

Phpmyadmin fails to load and gives the below error. ==== Error ==== Warning: session_start()...

 Installing SquirrelMail

This articler covers installation of SquirrelMail on generic Unix or Linux system. It does not...

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